What We Do

At  CapTec USA we work with only certified and preferred SBA & USDA lenders and focus on providing best-in-class customer service to provide you with a commercial loan that is less expensive, easy and fast.

Less Expensive – Our Company is cost effective for our clients. Our goal is to save our clients at least $1,000 per month. In many cases we can save even more! It costs nothing for us to pre-qualify you. Contact us now!

Easier – Every loan is not the same and neither is the information needed for each loan. We recognize this and realize that getting loans financed with minimal paperwork is best for you.

Faster – We have a 15-minute pre-qualification process which allows us to determine if you are a good fit for our services. From there, our high-class personal service takes over to keep the process on track and moving.

How We Do It

Technology – Our data-mining technology allows us to focus only on loans that have a high likelihood of approval and our streamlined process allows us to keep our overhead low. By making the loan process drastically more efficient we are able to lower our costs and pass those savings on to the borrowers we work with.
Relationships – We work with community banks around the country to identify their lending qualifications and needs to determine what would allow them to offer interest rates lower than the prevailing market rates. Then we go out and find borrowers who meet those criteria using our proprietary methods.
No cost to you – We pre-qualify you for free. No upfront fees. No deposit. Contact us now!

CapTec USA Process

  • 1 Pre-qualification – Only takes 15 minutes, no upfront fee, no deposit!
  • 2 Document gathering
  • 3 Lender Approval
  • 4 Loan Closing