Debt Refinance

Did you get a letter from us? Good news! We’ve found a bank lender who is offering below market interest rates for loans just like yours. We specialize in finding certified and preferred SBA and USDA bank lenders who are aggressively looking for loans and working with those lenders to determine what loan characteristics would allow them to accept a lower interest rate than they typically charge. Once we determine that, we use our proprietary technology to identify borrowers meeting those criteria who are paying too much interest.

Additional Working Capital

Ready to buy some new equipment? Need to hire more employees? Want to buy a building? We can help with all these situations. In addition, when providing you the additional loan funds we may be able to refinance your existing debt, reduce your interest rate and lower your monthly payment.

Owner Transition

Trying to sell your business to your employees or someone who requires financing? Trying to buy a business for more than the value of the equipment and fixed assets and other lenders have turned you down? If so, we may be able to help. Business acquisition loans are complex, and most lenders do not want to invest the time necessary to complete these loans. We have a specialized business acquisition program designed to get you the business acquisition funding you need. Contact us today to learn more.